Who is Mikayla Campinos pickles | All about Mikayla Campinos leaked Video

Who is mikayla campinos pickles?

Mikayla Campinos, a popular TikTok content creator from Canada.

She went missing and rumors suggest that she is no more.

In June 2023, a video of Mikayla was leaked on the platform Reddit, where she is reportedly getting intimate with a boy.

Soon after the video, there were rumours of her death.

Mikayla Campinos is only 16 years old and a favorite social media influencer of many.

She posts content on trending topics, beauty, and fashion.

Campinos reportedly has over 3.2 million followers on TikTok and over three hundred thousand followers on Instagram.

Actually she is not dead, she is a victim of a death hoax and a privacy breach.

She has not posted anything of her social media accounts since her video was leaked.

Unfortunately, even before it could be confirmed if she was dead or alive, an intimate video of the teenager had gone viral on social video.  

Moreover, a YouTube channel called VANITYlol, run by a teenage boy, has posted a video titled “The Mikayla Campinos Situation is Sad”.


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